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Candy Kabobs

These are great to have around for the kids. They can be done for birthday parties, holidays, pool parties, etc... Let the kids help and see how creative they can be.

You will need:
choice of gummy candies
bamboo skewers
non stick spray
plastic bags
small ribbon
rocks or stones (found at a craft store)
flower pot
wide ribbon
styrofoam to fit inside flower pot

1. Gather all of your supplies together.


  2. Spray bamboo skewers with non stick spray. This will help the gummy candy slide on    easier.

3. Layer gummies on skewers, make sure to use a gum drop or other harder gummy at the sharp end.

4. Place in plastic bags and tie with small ribbon.

5. Place rocks or stones in the bottom of the flower pot and cover with styrofoam. Arrange finished kabobs in flower pot. Cut a piece of ribbon to tie around pot.

6. Place ribbon around flower pot and tie in a bow. Enjoy!

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